I really like that I can write whatever or however much I want here. :3

It really takes off a lot of the pressure~

So here, more progress pics!

photo of embroidery machine stitching some runes

Finally a picture of the action!

photo of a jammed embroidery machine

And then this happened.. The feed dogs were all jammed up with thread. I'm not quite sure why but it did make a pretty big mess!

photo of the finished sheets of runes

Yet we perservere and they are eventually all finished. And all nicely laid out too!

photo of the cut runs lined up

And like a buncha unstuffed perogies they await tomorrow for some filling and stitching. I'm still having trouble figuring out lining stuff up but this is very good practice at least.

Well, that's all for today folks!

Sweet dreams!

-Clareon the Critter