While everyone's wearing red you're wearing blue. It's just like you to ignore simple truths~

So often in my life I can't help but go against convention. It's a knee jerk reaction for me. I feel like sometimes I take it too far though and end up trying to reinvent the wheel, so to speak.

For example I recently took up learning machine embroidery. Not once did I stop and try out a basic tutorial or even ask someone for help. I did have to google one thing but the rest I kinda just winged it.

And I was kinda lucky this go around, more often than not this approach gets me stuck hard and fast. Eventually I either push my way through or break down and take a few steps back and follow someone else along.

Like that time I tried learning 3D modeling software. I couldn't even get the box to move without the help of extensive tutorials.

But, I also like my way of doing things

My approach may be slow but I feel like it grants me the chance to find unique solutions or things folks wouldn't have thought of before.

It sure does slow me down sometimes but that's only bad to a society that values endless production and results.

I still wonder if I could pull back a bit, that I don't have to always start from scratch. And that maybe I am making things harder on myself than they need to be.

I'd rather live my life in a way where I am curious and explore. If I find ANYTHING of value to society in my time here on earth well, it wouldn't have been the point. But I'd be happy to share.

And probably I have lot's to share already, another reason that I wanted to start a blog so I could start making tutorials and things.

Oh yeah, thanks to all of you out there who ARE sharing their knowledge and ideas.

It amazes me that there are so many folks on sites like stack overflow just answering peoples coding questions all day. And most of those answers are just correcting mistakes.

And bless them for doing this, I have no idea how anyone would code modern html without it. There's no way. The book that you'd have to read to get everything for your unique website would be like, 100,000 pages long.

Did you know that you can put multiple different kinds of backgrounds on an element? Such as an image, a color, and another image all as one property.

Did you also know that you can set the positions padding alignment, all of that separately for each background item?

But then did you know that you can't change the opacity separately, you can only set one value for the entire element.

What a bummer! But well, stack exchange has a work around for you. Through the use of pseudo-elements you can set a separate background item with a separate opacity on your main element.

Very convienient! How I would have ever known to do it that way without having someone else having asked how to do it on that website I'll never know.

So many things are like this with HTML it's incredible. So many things that should be straightforward and that anyone would want to do but no, it doesn't work like that. But it DOES work this way. But only in these browsers and also you just kinda have to hope a lot.

Still I am making my way through my next version of this website.

Where was I going with this?

I'm so adverse to doing things the established way that I almost never ask for help

I will eventually bring myself to googling things if I've hit a wall. But not once in my life have I ever actually posted a question to a technical help board.

Granted, this is also because it feels like everything has been answered already, in some way shape or form. I might not get my full answer but if I pull at enough threads I usually come away with some satisfactory solution.

I'm looking forward to the day that I get stumped so hard that I have to ask someone for help. I could use the practice. I wonder what it'll finally be?

I mean, I have asked for help from folks before but- It's just not an easy thing for me to do.

Is it too late to get to a stronger point here?

I value my independance (at least in thought) but I feel like a lot is missing from being able to trust in and take the advice and expertise of others.

I've seen that what people can create together is always so much more wonderful than what someone can do alone.

But I so strongly don't want to give up my own perspective. Or I suppose my control of the situation either.

I have so little experience working with others even. I think as I do that more it'll get easier, it's difficult to think about how to balance what to give and take with opposing ideas.

I suppose such a process would also give you a chance to see what you most value. So that's neat too!

I want to work more with others.

And I'm looking forward to doing so. I think I fear losing sight of my own perspective on things but I don't see how that'd even be possible. I couldn't be any other way even if I wanted to.

Kinda just letting this one be a stream of conciousness sorta thing. It's nice to just dump sometimes. You're not really reading all of this are you?. Yeesh! You deserve a cookie or something.

Anyways that's all for now

Remember to be radical

-Clareon The Critter