It's day three of interesting specials!

Todays Prompt: A special interest that's changed or grown over time.

Today will probably be pretty short, trying to better gauge how much energy I can put into these things~ Want to do one of these yourself? Check out the prompts here

I had a couple of ideas of what I could write about today, one of them I'll be saving for later in the week though. A special interest that has changed over time for me has been video games! I find less and less that I'm excited by the newest games out there. I still do certainly play them, but far less than child me would have ever expected.

This partially comes from wanting to spread my time out more between other interests. Some days are just so full of everything else that I don't even have time to play games. Another is that I find myself wanting to mostly play games with other people, which I don't always have the opportunity to.

Mostly though, I think it's because my interest is shifting from playing games to wanting to make and design them. A lot of the time they aren't that fun for me, especially alone. It's rare for me to find something that engages me or challenges me. I find myself more often thinking about the mechanics behind the game and what I liked or how I would do things differently.

I have a great itch to make my own game or games~ Ones with heart touching stories or morals or even if they could just teach anything valuable. I'd also love to make art for games. This all applies to games that are like tools or teaching aids too. I'm very much into the idea of gamifying difficult tasks and learning.

Of course.. games tend to take a long while to make. I've tried diving head first into it but too much of my life would fall to the side and I couldn't manage for long. I'm hoping to eventually incorporate just a bit of game design into each of my weeks. Hopefully from there I'll be able to get a solid foundation going. :3

I also have the opportunity to work on a game-tool that would help folks with self care and completing daily tasks by interacting with a tamogatchi like animal companion. I'm very excited to do this and I feel like I've been learning a lot of stuff lately that will be helpful for that. It's also VERY cute. I've worked on a design for one of the characters for it too.

sketch of a character for an app I am helping make

Aren't they just adorable and oh so bubbly!

But.. more on that another time~!

Like I said I wanted to keep this shorter, I've got some relaxtion to catch up on!

May your cup of cocoa stay warm till the last sip (if you drink cocoa)

-Clareon The Critter