A Special Interest That Is Collected

Warning: Still a major WIP, probably broken as all heck on mobile.

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I repurposed an old project for this. I actually have a LOT planned for this but it's going to take some time. When thinking about collections I actually don't have very many. I've always felt like I was missing out by not getting really into collecting something but for the most part I just haven't felt like it. My stuffies aren't really a collection, they're just some friends I've been given or seen and really wanted to adopt. In fact I want to give a way a few I have too many to care for right now.

I love the idea of collecting but on the whole I want to reduce stuff in my life and take a more minimalist approach. That being said I have tended to collect stickers over the years! And they're really easy to collect. Digital ones only take up kb and phyiscal ones can fit right on a surface. I don't have very many physical stickers but I think I'd like to start collecting those more.

My interest with stickers started when I was first getting into online chats. I first leard of emojis while playing MMOs. I was excited to find another form of communication. I could make faces my with keyboard. (> ^_^)> Just look at these happy kirby faces <(O_O<) as I would call them. And then there were faces to show that you were happy or sad. =) =<. I didn't realize it at the time but I would have so wanted to have something like those in real life to express how I was feeling.

From there my chat exploration brought me to AIM and MSN where all sorts of people were making packs of stickers.

This is where I found Pyong the fox. I instantly fell in love. This lil red fox was so expressive and animated. I filled so many chat messages with these.

a picture of a red fox waving their arms up and down

Pyong was created by deviantart user Tiggerfactory. She sadly doesn't have any of them on her page anymore but you can find them and edits of them all over the internet.

Stickers helped me learn to express myself more. And they gave me a outlet for big expressions that I didn't feel like I could express properly in real life.

I actually want to transform how I use stickers and my collection. I'm not sure how just yet. In fact my current collection isn't huge but it's the most organized it's ever been.

a picture of all of my stickers in a folder

Too many artists here to credit so you just get a small snapshot of the stickers in my current rotation.

I also want to work on my own stickers! That brings me to the project above. I have big plans for stickers and this website but for now I gotta start somewhere. This is far from done, more like a proof of concept. It's barely been tested and I haven't even looked at it on mobile. Don't resize your screen or everything will go wrong.

The stickers used in this project are credit to reddit user shingfun1984. They were free to use but I plan on making my own later. Yeah I can see theres artifacts on the outlines. No I'm not going to fix them tonight I'm just gonnah have to deal with it and so are you.

pyong the fox sticking their tongue out

I'll be eventually migrating this to a project page for you all to play around with more later. For now, have fun if it works for you! I'm gonna go take a really big nap~

May your pillows be cool all night long

-Clareon The Critter