All or nothing

But maybe sometimes something? It's hard to keep consistant if I'm not doing something daily. But it's also hard to write anything of quality on a daily basis. Eventually I'm going to split my pages up so the daily blog doesn't clutter up the main page.

I have been working on computer stuff though! I've been working on a few javascript projects on the side, as well as the occasional drawing and sewing project. Here's a game I made following this tutorial Build Isometric Physics Game with JavaScript - Frank's Laboratory.

The Game!

screenshot of a game featuring a blue floating ball saving eggs in a forest

It's actually a fun concept. You play as the floating blue eyebull and try to shepard your eggs to saftey before they're eaten by the green beholders.

I didn't really deviate from the tutorial too much. I did tune it a bit to my liking. And I did stop halfway through the tutorial to finish the egg hatching and larva classes on my own. It was really neat to see how I implemented some functions vs how it was done in the tutorial. Anyways Frank has some really great content and you should check it out if you're interested in javascript or canvas!

Anywhos that's all for tonight~!

May you be safe, happy and healthy!

-Clareon The Critter