A note from your reader: Please remember that tarot readings do not predict the future. They only serve to show us where our energy is going towards. Nothing is set in stone and we always have personal choice.

As with anything, please use your intuition to determine if the messages contained in here feel right for you. Tarot readings are not meant to replace advice from a professional or doctor. If you are in serious need of help please consider reaching out to somebody close who cares about you.

Pile 1: Malachite. What am I being asked to let go of?

Runes: (n)(i)(h) Heart: Willingness. Guiding light: Staying Focused. Story:Pied Piper Tarot: two of pentacles, ten of wands, seven of wands.

You're someone who has a lot of followers, even if you might not be aware of it. And this makes sense, everyone enjoys the tune of your song!

You've been struggling for a long time to find balance , you always feel like there are things around you that 'need taking care of' before you can get back to the most important thing, you! In fact, it's been like this for so long that your 'balance', when you feel that you're giving and taking equally, is actually very unbalanced. You undersell your needs for the myriad of demands that come your way. This feels like a great burden that you have carried for most of your life.

You probably feel as though everything would fall apart if you didn't personally hold everything together. The cards are indicating that well, yes! A lot of things would fall apart. But these are things that don't serve you or even bring you or others joy. Do you find yourself wishing that others in your life would take more responsibility? You can give them that gift by refusing to do what they can do for themselves and support their development by giving them opportunities to find their own way. Least of all, you can shed some of that great burden you've been carrying.

With the hail rune it promises unpredictable destruction. You may be fearing the unknown here, asking yourself questions such as 'what will they do without me' or 'how will they react'? Hail promises change, if we find that others are upset by our boundaries we can take that as a sign that it is working. And trust that in time, things will settle. Sometimes we might even be delightd to find that those that once drained us become our strongest allies and champions and, in turn, support us as we have supported them.

Setting boundaries like this can feel like a struggle at times, the cards want to remind you that your own needs are valid. Is there a dream that you've been putting off 'until you have more time or energy'? If you're struggling and feeling like giving in to the demands of others, keep this dream in your mind and allow it to continue to guide you.