A note from your reader: Please remember that tarot readings do not predict the future. They only serve to show us where our energy is going towards. Nothing is set in stone and we always have personal choice.

As with anything, please use your intuition to determine if the messages contained in here feel right for you. Tarot readings are not meant to replace advice from a professional or doctor. If you are in serious need of help please consider reaching out to somebody close who cares about you.

Pile 3: Tiger's Eye. What am I being asked to let go of?

Runes: (Berkana)(Eihwaz)(Ingwaz) Heart: Expression. Guiding light: choose your path and distant thunder. Story:Wishing well overflowing Tarot: Ace of wands, six of cups(reversed), page of swords

Be careful what you wish for, pile 3, there is a LOT of energy about you right now. Something big has been on your heart for a long time and this is nearly causing things to burst forth! It is time for you to bring whatever thing this is out into the world. Only the cards bring one bit of caution.

Make sure that you are the one choosing your path here, and not having it chosen for you. Distant thunder speaks of the worries that surround you. I am reminded of F.O.G. here. Fear, obligation and guilt can drive us to actions that we would not have otherwise chosen for ourselves. And can lead to undersirable outcomes for everyone, such as entering into an arrangement that you do not feel good about or committing to showing up to something that you never wanted to go to.

With the amount of energy behind you and your will and determination, whatever you set your sights on will be achieved. So why not have that thing be the thing that you want most. You can never go wrong when betting on yourself.

This is something you have tried to get started in the past. The circumstances were not in your favor at the time as it was mostly an issue of the timing, and not a reflection of your efforts.

Are you still unsure of what it is you want? Clear and clense your space, find some good amount of time to be alone away from distractions and obligations. Allow yourself a few minutes to meditate and settle your thoughts if you are drawn to such a practice, and then in this safe space just let it out.

Bonus points if you can find a clear canvas of your choosing to express this dream onto. It could be a blank sheet of paper, a microphone or even an actual canvas to paint on. Art can be a gateway to our dreams if we allow it.